Construction ProjectS


Country Homes Park 

  • Playground replacement. May 23, 2022. (mostly complete)

2022-5-23 Country Homes Playground 22022-5-23 Country Homes Playground 1

Ben Celani Play Area at Bicentennial Park

  • Parking lot redesigned replacement. Summer 2022.

Ben Celani Play Area 2022 Redesign

  • Inclusive Playground. Late Summer 2022.

Ben Celani playground 2022 conceptual

  • Senior Fitness Playground. Late Summer 2022.

Livonia - Senior Area at Bicentennial Park color option Three_Page_1


Greenmead Historical Park 

  • Alexander Blue House roof. Summer 2022.

Ben Celani Play Area at Bicentennial Park

  • Pavilion replacement. Summer 2023.



Aug. 16: Clements Circle Park - Pavilion replacement.

2022-8-16 New Pavilion at Clements Circle

June: Greenmead Historical Park - Bungalow roof.



Jack E. Kirksey Recreation Center - Lap Pool area painting, deck, gutters, and drain replacement

Jack E. Kirksey Recreation Center - MAC gymnasiums floor replacement. 

Bicentennial Park - Outfield fences on select diamonds.

Botsford Pool - Remarcite the pool floor.

Dover Park and Greenwood Park - Access path to the playground. 


October: Greenwood Park playground replacement.

Aug. 8: Bicentennial Park tennis and pickleball courts re-opened.

August: Archery Range path improvements.