Water & Sewer Billing



  • At any Comerica Bank
  • By mail
  • By use of the red drop box outside of City Hall
  • By phone with a debit or credit card (no fees)
  • Electronically through your financial institution’s bill pay
  • Automatic withdrawal

Electronic Fund Transfer applications (PDF) are available for automatic withdrawal from your bank account. Mail completed form to:
Water and Sewer Department
33000 Civic Center Drive
Livonia, MI  48154

  • Cash, check, debit, and credit cards are accepted without fees at City Hall.

We do not accept Discover Card.

Request a final water bill

Final water bills will be issued within 7-10 business days of a final read (some exceptions may apply). To schedule a final read, contact the Water Billing Department at (734) 466-2278 and be ready to provide your contact information as well as where the final bill will be sent. This is usually the seller’s agent or title company. 

We may need access to the meter inside the home or business. Depending on the season and demand, it may take two weeks or more for a final read appointment. Please be sure to contact the Water Billing Department as soon as a close date has been set to help ensure a final read appointment is scheduled prior to the close date.

We do not accept personal checks for final water bill payments.

billing schedule

You now have the option to switch to monthly billing! Contact the Water Billing Department by phone at (734) 466-2278 or email us to request monthly water bills.

  1. Monthly Billing Schedule
  2. Quarterly Billing Schedule

The City of Livonia will read your meter remotely on or close to the last day of the month prior to billing. Your bill will be due the 10th of the month following the bill date unless that falls on a weekend or holiday. Exceptions may apply.

water and sewer rates

  1. Rate Summary
  2. Rate Detail

Livonia residential customers are charged $5.38 for every 100 cubic feet (750 gallons) of water purchased. This is comprised of $2.70 for potable water expenses and $2.68 for sewage related expenses. These rates are established based upon the service fees Livonia pays to the Great Lakes Water Authority for providing our water and to Wayne County for sewage treatment.

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