Livonia Greenmead Outdoor Ice Rink

The City of Livonia and Parks and Recreation opened a temporary and seasonal ice rink at Greenmead Historical Park in 2021. The ice rink opened for the 2024 season on Jan. 19!

The temporary ice rink is located near the Farm Complex in the northwest portion of Greenmead Historical Park. There is nearby parking. The ice rink will not be attended by staff. The ice rink will be available during the park’s regular hours of operation (dawn to dusk) and it is weather dependent. Do not use when temperatures are above freezing (32 degrees). Due to fluctuating temperatures, the rink is usually open from mid-January through early March.

There is no cost to use the rink or park. Skate rentals are not available.

2022 Ice Rink 4



  • Do not skate on the ice when it is soft due to warm temperatures.
  • Protect the surface by not kicking holes or chipping the ice.
  • No hockey play. 
  • Do not bring food, drink or outside objects (e.g. rocks, glass, dirt) onto the skating surface. 
  • Alcohol is prohibited. 
  • No pets allowed on the ice.


  • Always skate with a buddy. Children should be accompanied by an adult.
  • Helmets are recommended. 
  • Wear proper footwear (skates or large tread rubber boots) when on the ice. 
  • For more information about the rink and ice conditions, please call our weather hotline (734) 466-2299