Livonia Senior Center Project

April 12, 2021, Livonia Senior Center Project parking façade renderingWith nearly 19,000 residents ages 65 and older, our Civic Park Senior Center is a hub of services and programs for one of southeast Michigan’s largest populations of seniors.

The Livonia Senior Center Project is an expansion of the Jack E. Kirksey Recreation Center to accommodate a safer, more accessible, state-of-the-art senior center along with a renovated fitness center. The current Civic Park Senior Center is a 60-year-old, retro-fitted church that the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed is inadequate for the safety and health of Livonia’s seniors. Small spaces, inadequate HVAC and a lack of accessibility critically restrict the existing senior center. Building a new senior center, attached to the Kirksey Recreation Center, will expand Livonia seniors’ health and fitness opportunities while providing a safe and accessible new space for senior programming.

Facility design is in the early stages and no construction schedule is set. All images are conceptual renderings. The current center will remain open until the new one is fully complete.


Jan. 18, 2023

As we look toward the future, we want to know what YOU would like to see in a new senior center. From Jan. 18-Feb. 17, 2023, a SurveyMonkey survey was available online to residents. Paper copies were also available at the Kirksey Recreation Center and Civic Park Senior Center.

As designs are formed and funding secured, there’s no set timeline for the project.

2023-2-17 Senior Center Survey Opens in new window

March 15, 2022

U.S. Rep. Haley Stevens announced $3 million dollars toward a new Livonia Senior Center was signed into law by the President as part of a $17.8-million dollar federal funding package for 10 Michigan community projects.

Mayor and Haley Stevens at The Rec holding giant check

JULY 15, 2021

U.S. Rep. Haley Stevens has announced $3 million dollars toward a new Livonia Senior Center has been included in proposed legislation as part of federal funding for community projects. This funding now advances to the full House Appropriations Committee before consideration on the House floor and in negotiations with the U.S. Senate. Read more here.