Livonia Mayor Maureen Miller Brosnan announced today that Livonia City Hall and all city buildings will be closed to all residents and visitors starting March 19 until April 6, and that the city will be restricting its staff to perform essential services.

“After much thought and preparation with our Leadership Team and City Council, I have decided to move the City of Livonia to the next phase of social distancing to keep our residents and city employees safe,” said Mayor Brosnan. “We are taking this unprecedented move to protect our employees and residents, in line with recommendations from our nation’s leading health agencies.”

Each city department has drafted a Continuity of Operations Plan to help in determining what services and personnel are necessary to maintaining only the most essential operations of the City. Critical services such as police protection, fire and advanced life support services, and road, water and sewer maintenance will be continuing without interruption.

“I have the utmost faith in our public safety personnel and our City Leadership team in their work to ensure essential services remain available, reliable, and effective for Livonia residents,” Mayor Brosnan said.

At this time, employees not supporting essential city services are being asked to telecommute or remain at home. All employees’ compensation and benefits will continue uninterrupted, and the city has adopted a temporary COVID-19 Healthy Leave Policy for employees.

These recent closures join the previously closed Jack Kirksey Recreation Center, Senior Center, and Livonia Public Libraries. The 16th District Court is also being closed and reduced to essential services at this time.
Residents are being asked to only contact City Hall with concerns related to essential city services at this time and are encouraged to visit for daily Situation Reports and additional updates as they become available.

General City Line: (734) 466-2200
16th District Court: (734) 466-2500
Livonia Police Department (non-emergency): (734) 466-2470
Livonia Fire Department (non-emergency): (734) 466-2444
Department of Public Works: (734) 466-2655
Livonia Community Transit: (734) 466-2700
Parks and Recreation: (734) 466-2900
Housing: (734) 477-7086

IF YOU NEED HELP: In case of a medical emergency, please dial 911.

Q: What can I do to keep my family safe during the COVID-19 outbreak?
A: Practicing good personal hygiene and social distancing are the best efforts we can all make to limit the spread of coronavirus. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, use hand sanitizer, avoid large gatherings or crowds of people, and limit yourself to only essential errands.
Q: If a family member or I think we have been exposed to the virus or are exhibiting symptoms, what should we do?
A: Please call or contact a medical provider first to have your symptoms screened. At this time, not everyone’s symptoms or medical history qualifies them for testing. Do not show up to a medical facility without first contacting a medical provider.

Q: How will we find out more about COVID-19 cases in Livonia?
A: Visit our website ( to view the daily situation report. The Wayne County Health Division oversees investigations into COVID-19 cases. They follow up with all individuals who may have been in contact with the patient and will release any locations a patient visited if they cannot fully account for all potential contacts.
Q: How long will City Hall and other buildings remain closed?
A: City Hall, the Kirksey Recreation Center, the Senior Center, libraries and 16th District Court will remain closed until at least April 6, at which time the potential for re-opening of each of these facilities will be considered.
What does this City Hall closure mean?
A: City Hall is not open to the public. Residents and visitors will not be allowed entry without a prior appointment.
Q: I have city business to attend to – what do I do?
A: Do not go to City Hall. Please review our city website ( in order to find updated information about certain tasks including water bills, birth and death certificates, and tax payments. Please refrain from visiting City Hall at this time. The drop box located on the east side of City Hall is also available and can receive documents related to any city business, plus payments.
Q: What does the reduction to essential city services mean?
A: Police protection, fire and advanced life support services, road, water and sewer maintenance have all been deemed critical and will continue. However, non-essential city services may see a delayed response, and we hope city residents will be patient as our on-site and remote staff works to serve you.
Q: Are our parks open?
A: YES – with some important exceptions. At this time, we are discouraging the use of playground equipment. It is important that all park visitors abide by social distancing practices. Ice arenas are also shut down until the end of this month.
Q: What is the status of trash collection and recycling?
A: As of this time, these services are continuing as normal.
Q: I think I have witnessed price gouging at a store – what do I do?
A: Please call the hotline set up by the Michigan Attorney General’s Office at (877) 765-8388.
Q: What is the status of the Meals on Wheels program?
A. Wayne County continues to operate the Meals on Wheels program in Livonia at this time, with meal delivery still taking place to residents.
Q: With schools closed, what options are available for students facing food shortages?
A: Both Livonia Public Schools and Clarenceville School District have developed food distribution plans for their students.
Q: What other resources exist for families facing a food shortage?
A: Contact the City of Livonia directly at (734) 466-2200.
Q: How can I support local restaurants and bars during their closure?
A: The Livonia Chamber of Commerce is doing a great job of highlighting the various Livonia small businesses that are still providing or transitioning to provide carry-out and delivery services. Stay tuned to the Chamber’s Facebook page for details.
Q: What is the status of our libraries?
A: Our libraries are closed, but the book drop-off is open at both libraries. Hoopla eBook checkouts have been increased to 10 per month. The library will also be adding a new platform for Audiobooks to the RB Digital Magazine platform. A moratorium on collecting fines is in effect during the closure.
Q: I want to help – what can I do?
A: Contact the City of Livonia directly at (734) 466-2200.
Q: What if I need vital records, like birth or death certificate?
A: Please send an email to

City of Livonia, Michigan - Ph: (734) 466-2200
33000 Civic Center Drive, Livonia, Michigan 48154