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Refund Request Form

  1. Refunds for instructional classes will be considered only if requested in writing or by submitting this form. Please see the refund policy below for eligibility rules.


    Cancelled by Department: Full Amount of Class Fee 

    Customer Cancels:  

    1. Cancel by 5:00 p.m. , 1 week prior to 1st day of class: a. Class fee - less $10 processing fee 

    2. Less than one week prior to the 1st day of class, no later than the start of the 2nd class: a. 50% of class fee 

    3. After the start of the 2nd class a. NO refund 

    Check refunds require 3-4 weeks to process. Refunds for annual memberships will be made only in extraordinary circumstances upon written request. NO refunds on materials fees or T-ball/coach pitch.  

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