Greenleaf Commission


  • James M. Baringhaus, Chairman
  • Betsy Calhoun 
  • Terry Cullum
  • John R. Grzebik  
  • Nicole Mehelich
  • Michael D. Shesterkin
  • Katherine Mullett


Greenleaf encourages energy efficiency, conservation and environmentally friendly practices in the City of Livonia.

City Recognized for Environmental Leadership

The City of Livonia was recognized for environmental leadership at the Michigan Green Communities conference in Flint in February. Read the press release (PDF).

Green Information Technology (IT)

Saving our Natural Resources

The City of Livonia cares about our natural resources and has done several things to try and reduce the waste through our use of IT. These include:

  • Since 2002, we have utilized Energy Star features on computers, monitors and printers. These features power down to a minimal level when the equipment is not in use.
  • We actually donate most of our obsolete computer equipment to a non-profit organization.
  • We have virtualized 18 of our production servers.  This represents an approximate savings of $18,000 per year in power and cooling costs.

Verdiem Power Management System

In July 2011, we implemented the Verdiem Power Management System which has given us even better control on power usage of our computers. This software actively monitors usage of computers and controls the energy state.

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