Emergency Preparedness

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In 1987, an ordinance was adapted by the City of Livonia which created an Office of Emergency Preparedness. This was largely in response to Federal and State laws which had addressed the concerns for a better level of safety for its citizens. A number of chemical accidents and natural disasters throughout the world had adversely affected the health and welfare of many people. This prompted Congress to take these steps to better deal with the handling of all types of emergencies at a local level. The Michigan Emergency Act (PA 390) establishes the responsibility of local Emergency Managers to carry out planning, mitigation, response, and recovery for natural and human made disasters.

In keeping with that mandate, the mission statement for Livonia Emergency Preparedness is: To develop and implement an all hazard community-wide emergency plan and a viable emergency system that will organize and coordinate the city’s emergency forces. Also to identify those resources that are necessary to provide a high level of training and readiness so as to preserve and protect the peace, health, and safety of all persons and their property as well as providing recovery in the event of a national or local emergency. For information about preparing for potential terrorism, please contact the U.S. Department of Homeland Security or you can request a brochure at 1-800-BeReady.

  1. Emergency Preparedness

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    Police Headquarters
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