How is the work completed?

The Housing Rehabilitation Specialist will invite at least 3 licensed and insured contractors to attend a walk-through of your home with you present. The contractors submit a bid proposal. The Office of Community Development will take the lowest, responsible bid and present it to the Rehabilitation Loan Committee. The Committee approves the homeowner's application and the award of the home improvement contract. A contract signing is scheduled, with repairs to follow.

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1. Who is eligible for a Major Home Rehabilitation loan?
2. What are the income guidelines as determined by Housing and Urban Development?
3. What types of home improvements will qualify for the Home Rehabilitation Loan Program?
4. Who determines what repairs are completed?
5. How is the work completed?
6. How much money may I borrow?
7. How do I pay for the loan?
8. How often may I apply for a loan?
9. What do I need to bring to the appointment?
10. How do I apply for a Home Rehabilitation Loan?