My neighbor’s dog barks and growls and jumps on the fence. What can I do?

Barking or other annoyance behaviors are not addressed under this ordinance. Barking at the fence line does not necessarily mean the animal is vicious. Animals are naturally territorial. Barking, growling and jumping are considered normal territorial behaviors for dogs. 

Aggressive Behavior

If the dog is pulling or lunging, bearing its teeth, hackles up, these are signs of more aggressive behavior, as are repeated charging, snarling, biting, and lunging without provocation. There are specific criteria for a dog to be declared vicious such as the tendency to attack without provocation, to cause injury or to threaten the safety of a person or other domestic animal, or harbored for the purpose of fighting. 

Documentation of Vicious Behavior

Vicious behavior first needs to be logged and documented. Keep a log with dates, times, and detailed circumstances and take photos and videos. 

Contact Information

Contact the Animal Control Office at (734) 466-2655 for investigation and follow up. Please note investigation requires a complainant who cannot remain anonymous if it results in a formal vicious or potentially vicious classification of the animal or a ticket.

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