When should I shovel the snow?

•             When snow falls or drifts during the night, it must be removed from the public sidewalk by noon.

•             Snow falling or drifting during the day must be removed from the public sidewalk by noon of the following day. 

•             City Ordinance prohibits plowing/shoveling/blowing snow onto any roads. 

•             Snow piled by the roadway must not obstruct the view of traffic.

•             Do not deposit snow onto a neighbor's property.   

•             Ice on the sidewalk should be removed or treated with sand, chemical ice melter, or de-icer.

•             Your cooperation is necessary to keep the sidewalk safe for pedestrians.

•             Inspectors will take the steps necessary to obtain compliance up to and including issuing a ticket if needed.

•             Use caution when shoveling snow, it is a strenuous chore.

Safety Tips:

•             Before shoveling, warm up with a few stretching exercises. 

•             Don’t smoke or eat a large meal before shoveling. 

•             Dress warmly in layers, wear a hat and cover your neck. 

•             Tackle heavy snow in two stages. Begin by skimming off the snow from the top, and then remove the bottom layer. Avoid overloading the shovel.

•             Don’t rush, shovel with a slow and steady pace. Take frequent breaks, stretch and drink some water during breaks.  Cold air dehydrates the body.

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