What type of appeals will the board hear?

The Board of Review has the authority to act on appeals of:

  • Classification: This is roughly the equivalent to zoning or use. The six classifications are Agricultural, Commercial, Developmental, Industrial, Residential, and Timber Cutover.
  • Equity: All properties within the jurisdiction are to be assessed at the same ratio; 50% of True Cash Value.
  • Hardship: Poverty stricken property owners can request tax assistance from the Board of Review. Household financial documentation will be necessary.
  • Status: Certain properties, such as Churches, are tax exempt. Sometimes there are unusual situations that create appeals.
  • Valuation: This type is by far the bulk of the appeals. It is important to remember that neither the assessor nor the Board of Review can affect the millages or taxes. They can change an assessment if shown that it exceeds 50% of True Cash Value.

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