Should I protest?

The Board of Review functions in many ways like a court although its procedures are less formal. Like a court, it has the authority to decide on certain issues based on evidence. In deciding whether to appeal your assessment to the Board of Review, you should first answer these two questions:

  • Does your protest involve an issue that the Board of Review has the authority to decide?
  • Do you have supporting evidence?

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1. What are the responsibilities of the Board of Review?
2. Who are the members of the Board of Review?
3. When does the board meet?
4. Are the meetings open to the public?
5. Who may file an appeal?
6. What type of appeals will the board hear?
7. How can I make an effective appeal of value?
8. How can I review and compare sales?
9. How will I know of the board’s decision?
10. Can I appeal the board’s decision?
11. Should I protest?
12. How should I present my protest?