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The Livonia Arts Commission exists to create, promote, develop, sponsor, sustain, facilitate, and further the Arts within the City of Livonia. For the mission of the Commission and its commissioners, the term “Arts” shall be defined and literally construed to include the making or doing of things that have form and beauty, and to encompass all forms of Arts including the Arts of music, painting, sculpture, literature, dance, theater, opera, ballet, crafts of all natures, and any other of the performing Arts requiring and exhibiting a level of creativity, skill, or talent.


  • Paul Van De Ven, Chair
         Year Appointed: 2022
  • James Sercu, Vice-Chair
          Year Appointed: 2018
  • Joe Gilligan
          Year Appointed: 2020
  • Grace Karczewski
          Year Appointed: 2005
  • Richard Kent
          Year Appointed: 2020
  • Patrice Mang
          Year Appointed: 2018
  • Helen Moore
          Year Appointed 2016
  • Lindsay A. Spence
          Year Appointed: 2016
  • Jerry Valentine
          Year Appointed: 2012
  • Pam Valentine
          Year Appointed: 2012


The Arts Commission consists of up to fifteen members, appointed by and at the pleasure of the Mayor.  Appointed members serve for three-year terms.

Friends of Livonia Arts Logo 2023

The Friends of Livonia Arts is a community collaboration between multiple organizations in the City of Livonia, Michigan, who are focused on bringing artistic and cultural opportunities to ALL.  

Title II

In accordance with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act as it pertains to access to Public Meetings, the City Clerk’s Office of the City of Livonia, upon adequate notice, will make reasonable accommodations for persons with special needs. If you need assistance, please call (734) 466-2236 or email the Clerk.