Legislative Process

  1. Study and Regular Meetings
  2. Resolutions
  3. Public Hearings
  4. Committee of the Whole
  5. Special Meetings
  6. Sub-Committee
  7. Open to the Public

A Study Meeting is the meeting at which the Council initially hears a petition, or a citizen's request, or an item from the administration. No vote is taken: it is an information-gathering meeting only. A Study Meeting is held prior to each Regular Meeting. The Council will gather the facts and information from the petitioner, other citizens, department heads, and other interested or affected agencies. The matter is then scheduled for a Regular Meeting where the action is taken by resolution and vote of the Council. 

A Regular Meeting is the formal session held twice a month as required by Charter at which voting action is taken by the Council in the form of a resolution or ordinance adoption. The agenda items have been discussed at a prior meeting, i.e., a study session, a public hearing or at a sub-committee level. The agenda for the Regular Meeting contains a section entitled Consent Agenda. All items listed under this heading have been discussed previously by Council and have been determined not to be controversial in nature and one vote is taken from each member of the Council on the Consent Agenda.