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animal control year in review

Animal Control, as part of their services, responds to stray animal complaints and reports of animals at large. Additionally, they respond to nuisance violations like barking, dog feces, keeping of livestock and fowl, and animal bites. They also investigate reports of abuse or neglect, including animal hoarding. 

Animal Control responded to over 1,000 calls in 2023! They impounded nearly 600 animals and investigated over 80 animal bites. 

2024 dog and cat licenses are available for purchase only through the City Clerk this year. Local and state law requires that all dogs and cats must be current on rabies vaccines and licensed by the City of Livonia. Having a current license increases the chance of the pet being returned to the owner. It also helps Animal Control officers contact the owners quicker if lifesaving emergency care is needed. The officers are equipped with a universal microchip reader when they are in the field. 

Both Animal Control Officers serving the City are nationally trained and certified as Expert Animal Cruelty Investigators through the National Animal Control Association (NACA), Code 3 Associates, and Law Enforcement Training Institute - National Animal Cruelty Investigations School (LETI-NACI).

Those are some of our Animal Control team’s highlights for 2023. They’ll keep working to keep Livonia’s pets safe and sound in 2024!

If you are interested in learning more about what Animal Control does or have a concern you wish to report or speak to an officer about, please visit our Animal Control page.