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Civic Park Senior Center Refund Request Form

  1. Please see the refund policy below for eligibility rules.


    The following refund policy including refunds, transfers, and pro-rations is in effect:

    1.      There shall be no refunds for Fitness Punch Pass purchases.

    2.     Refunds will be issued for all classes and programs based on the following:

    Cancelled by Department – Full Refund, no processing fee

    Customer Cancels:

        a.     By 5 p.m. one week prior to class start date full refund less $5 processing fee

        b.     Prior to the second class 50% of the class fee, no processing fee

        c.     After second class - No refund

    3.    Refund Policy for Special Events/Trips   

    Cancelled by Department -  Full Refund, no processing fee.

    Customer Cancels:

        a.     By 5 p.m. one week prior to Special Event/Trip full refund less $5 processing fee

        b.     Day of the Event/Trip - No Refund

        c.      A full refund will be given on trips if we can fill your spot

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