Plymouth Road / Ann Arbor Road Intersection


The proposed concept design significantly alters the appearance and function of the intersection. Plymouth Road and Ann Arbor Road would maintain their current alignment, however, westbound Plymouth Road would be realigned to a "T" intersection. The residual right-of-way in front of Kelsey-Hayes which formed part of Plymouth Road would be converted into a special focus area.

This site could accommodate specialty paving, a vertical element identifying the corridor, lower level pedestrian lights and landscaping. This portion of the project would involve the close coordination of the Wayne County Road Commission and the Michigan Department of Transportation.

Traffic Considerations

The balance of the right-of-way would be improved with landscaping, street trees and corridor lighting. Traffic signal mast arms would be installed at the intersection.


Several of the private parking lots would be connected internally to reduce duplicative curb cuts and in several locations increase the availability of off-street parking. In addition, several of the parking lots abutting the front property line would receive additional landscaping and be screened with a low level brick screen wall.


To complete improvements on private property it is recommended that the Plymouth Road Development Authority obtain easements from participating property owners.