Plymouth Road / Milburn Intersection


Milburn Avenue currently enters Plymouth Road west and across the street from Sears Drive. The intersection is off center and skewed making turning movements difficult, resulting in two intersections within fifty feet of each other on Plymouth Road.

Property Acquisition

The City of Livonia, recognizing this situation, has commenced acquisition of property on the east side of Milburn Avenue. Once acquired, this property will be used to realign Milburn Avenue with Sear Drive creating a standard intersection. This realignment will create residual property where the former Milburn Avenue existed providing potential expansion for the Livonia Chrysler Plymouth Dealership.

Design Aspects

The proposed concept also includes improvements along Plymouth Road including the installation of corridor lighting, trees and brick/iron screen walls. These improvements would be extended down Milburn Avenue to its connection with the existing pavement section

Several curb cuts would be removed on Plymouth Road increasing the size of landscaped terrace areas within the project area.


The enhancement and redevelopment of the Plymouth Road Corridor will be a long and complex process of commitments and participation by both the public and private sectors. A commitment on the part of the City of Livonia to work toward implementation of public improvements and to provide overall coordination of the Plymouth Road Development Authority District redevelopment efforts is essential. Likewise, a commitment on the part of the property owners and business people to improve their facilities in accordance with standards of consistency is essential.