T-Ball / Coach Pitch

Growth_Works_Employee_Sweatshirt_Concepts_I_J copyspring 2023 T-BALL AND COACH PITCH  COED leagues

Livonia Parks and Recreation is excited to offer youth instructional T-Ball and Coach Pitch Leagues again in Spring 2023 sponsored by Growth Works!

Each league is designed to introduce boys and girls to the fundamentals and concepts of baseball and softball. 

(as of May 1, 2023)
T-Ball5 to 6Monday and Wednesday
Coach Pitch7 to 8 Tuesday and Thursday

Registered participants will be placed onto teams and practice/scrimmage twice a week at a city ball diamond. Depending upon the number of teams in each league, practices, and scrimmages could begin as late as 7:15 p.m.

The first week of practices is tentatively scheduled for the first week of May and the season runs through the end of June. 

2023 registration information

All participants will receive a team hat and jersey prior to picture day. Each team will receive an equipment bag with bases, balls, bats, and tees for all participants to use. Participants are expected to bring their own glove, batting helmet, and active attire for each practice and scrimmage. 

  • Open Registration: Feb. 1-April 7
    • Participants can request a maximum of two players or coaches to be on the same team with.
    • Registration can be completed online through the link below or in person at the Kirksey Recreation Center. 
  • Waitlist Registration: April 10-14
    • Opens at 8 a.m. on April 10
    • Closes at 10 p.m. on April 14
    • Participants will be invited off the waitlist if there is space in the league. 
  • Fee: Livonia Resident - $50 | Non-Resident - $60

Online Registration - Spring 2023 T-Ball and Coach Pitch

Volunteer coaching

We cannot offer the T-Ball and Coach Pitch Leagues without volunteer coaches!  No previous coaching experience is required. Past playing experience is encouraged, but also not required. 

The spring season lasts for approximately eight weeks with teams practicing/scrimmaging for approximately 60-75 minutes twice a week. Total weekly time commitment for a coach is approximately three to five hours each week.

Coaches will be provided with all information and equipment needed for each season at their coaches' meeting hosted by Livonia Parks and Recreation, including a packet of drills and tips for new coaches. Upon season competition, coaches shall receive a full refund of the registration fee for their registered dependent(s) or family members on the team(s) they are coaching. 

Coaches are expected to be at all practices and scrimmages for their team. Livonia Parks and Recreation acknowledges it is a volunteer role. If a coach must miss due to a prior commitment, the expectation shall be that they provide a plan to assist their other coach(es) at the practice/scrimmage they will miss. 

T-Ball and Coach Pitches coaches will be doing the following during their seasons: 

  • Teach the rules of baseball/softball to their teams provided by Livonia Parks and Recreation. 
  • Communicate with their team’s parents/guardians about updates to their team’s schedule (i.e. cancellations, distribute schedules, etc.) 
  • Develop and lead plans and drills for all practices. 
  • Develop lineups and position rotations providing balanced playing time to their team based on nightly scrimmage attendance. 
  • Model and teach your players to Honor the Game. 
    1. Teach ROOTS – respect for Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates, and One’s Self. 
    2. Model behavior on the diamonds to demonstrate how to Honor the Game to their team. 
  • Help players pursue developmental opportunities 
    1. Reward effort, not just good outcomes. Recognize players' “unsuccessful” efforts. 
    2. Use encouragement and positive reinforcement as the primary method of coaching/motivating. 
    3. Use the ELM Tree of Mastery (Effort, Learning, and Bouncing Back from Mistakes) and positive feed to encourage skill development rather than winning. 
  • Review each practice/scrimmage to discuss what was taught/learned from the activity that day. 

All coaches must pass a background check and concussion training prior to being placed on a team. 

T-Ball & Coach Pitch volunteer coaches receive a full refund of the registration fee for their registered dependent(s) or family members on the team(s) they are coaching upon season completion. Additionally, coaches shall receive four free day passes to the Kirksey Recreation Center. 

Team placement 

In the event Livonia Parks and Recreation does not have enough coaches for the registered participants, T-Ball and Coach Pitch teams will be formed using the following order based on the date/time of registration:

  1. Livonia Residents
  2. Livonia Public Schools/Clarenceville Students
  3. Non-Residents and Non-LPS/Clarenceville Students