Please be advised the following permits will be issued by Engineering at this time:

  • Emergency sanitary sewer lead repair for residential or commercial owners
  • Transportation permits
  • Sump pump permits in right-of-way or easements
  • Others (deemed emergency by City Engineer or Assistant City Engineer)

Emergency permits will be handled in the field and brought out for execution for sanitary sewer or sump pump leads.  Funds will be required by either cash or check, preferably by check.  Checks should be made out to the City of Livonia.  Insurance is required for the contractor performing the work within the right-of-way or easement.

Transportation permits require a minimum of one business day advance notice.  The permit holder must send a check for $100 per permit (truck and trailer) made payable to the City of Livonia. Please mail to:
City of Livonia
Attn:  Engineering Department
33000 Civic Center Drive
Livonia, MI 48154
The Engineering Department will fax the permit to the weighmaster for confirmation and permit holder. A hard copy of the receipt and permit will be mailed.  Fax information to the Engineering Department at (734) 466-2195 or email pertinent information to


The Engineering Department will provide as-needed inspection on critical commercial projects and residential.  There is required a minimum of two business days advance notice. Please call the Engineering Department at (734) 466-2571 and leave a message with the following information:

Engineering Permit #
Contractor Name and Contact Info
Date and Time (morning or afternoon) for the requested inspection
Any other particular pertinent information


Rail footings will be inspected by appointment only.  There is required a minimum of two business days advance notice. Please call the Engineering Department at (734) 466-2571.


The Engineering Department will still perform grade certificates for residential customers. There is required a minimum of two business days advance notice to schedule an appointment to meet on-site. Please bring three copies of the grade certificate.  This is an effort to assist in allowing the property owner to close on their house if requirements are met.


The Engineering Division of the Department of Public Works:

  • Inspects public construction work
  • Prepares plans and specifications and administers contracts for the City’s public improvement projects
  • Processes permits for work within the public right-of-way
  • Reviews plans for public improvements


  • Permit Questions: (734) 466-2571
  • Plan Review: (734) 466-2574
  • Public Utility Information: (734) 466-2576
  • Transportation Permits for Over Weight, Over Width Load: (734) 466-2571

Request a service from the Engineering Department.